The objective of the Michigan Fraternal Alliance shall be to unite men and women of good moral character who are engaged or interested in the furtherance of fraternal benefit insurance; to promote good practice and concerted action in the development and furtherance of the fraternal insurance system; and to endeavor to defeat any act or movement which is contrary to the best interests of the fraternal insurance system; to create better understanding and a more general acquaintance among those interested in fraternal insurance; to provide for the fraternal system and place the same in a most favorable light before the general public; and to exchange ideas for the common good of its members.  
Welcome to the Michigan Fraternal Alliance Website.  We are proud to be able to provide you with information as to the ongoing happenings within the Michigan Fraternal Alliance.  On the "Application Tab" you will find the applications for the current year for the Michigan Fraternal Alliance Scholarship, Join Hands Day and Fraternalist of the Year programs.  On the "Events Tab" you will find the information on the current year Michigan Fraternal Alliance/Michigan Fraternal Insurance Counselors Annual Conference.  Take time to explore our website periodically as new information will be added as it is obtained.

In keeping with the Michigan Fraternal Alliance's motto "Joining Hands To Touch Lives By Growing Together" Michigan Fraternal Alliance provides members the opportunity to support numerous service programs through local service clubs and offers a variety of social opportunities to members.  Members are also entitled to a range of benefits, including scholarships, Join Hands Day grants, etc.   For more information on the Michigan Fraternal Alliance, feel free to contact any of the officers listed on the "Contact Us" tab.  They would be glad to assist you.  Join hands with Michigan Fraternal Alliance to touch lives by growing together!!!!!

Each year in October, the Michigan Fraternal Alliance along with the Michigan Fraternal Insurance Counselors host a two-day conference with the following mission in mind.


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